Podcast Producers – Basics

At the most basic level, an experienced podcast producer can help edit your show, provide a professional intro and outro.. and and package the show to make it podcast-ready.

But, at a more involved level your podcast producer can guide you through all aspects of the production, including things like…

Writing and editing support

Helping define and create the format for the show

Help find musical beds for the show

Maintain the create vision for the program

Manage each episode and meet deadlines

Coordinate, record and mix multiple guests via telephone 

Record intro, outro and breaks for commercials

Record and/or edit into specific lengths

Help organize and develop the scripts

Add sound effects and music and clips to enhance the story

If needed provide a host or narrator…

You can outsource as much of the work as you chose but still stay in total control.

Podcast producers will guide you to creating high-quality professional sounding podcast that will attract and maintain listeners and grow your audience.

A Professional Podcast Producer can…

  • Edit podcasts
  • Record great sounding intro and outro wraparounds
  • Supervise and engineer the recording of the show
  • Help develop the content, if needed
  • Record great sounding intro and outro wraparounds
  • Have multiple guests participate from remote locations 
  • Develop a high-quality podcast production